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We do not know exactly when people started to use irons, but we are sure it had seen first the Chinese were using hot metal for press cloth before anyone else. Pans filled with hot coals were pressing over the clothes a thousand years ago that was also well-establised.

People in Northern-Europe were using stones, glass, and wood for smoothing. 

Flattish hand-size stones could be rubbed cloth to press it, polish it and smooth it. It had been made of dark glass was found in Viking’s villages by Archaeologists. They say that no one knows how they were used. Has water used to dampen linen or were smoothers heated? that is a secret of the dark history.


Henry W.Selly patented the electric iron in New York, USA, on June 6,1882. It called an electric flatiron at that time. Same year, electric irons started developing in France used a carbon arc to get heat, yet this proved it as a unsuccessful method and not safe.

The time has come to 1892, hand irons used electrical resistance were developed by Crompton and Co. The popularity grown irons were sold too much. 


Types of Irons

Dry Iron

Dry iron is the old school and quite cheap. They are lightweight and have basic controls but less features. When you use that iron, you need to sprinkle a little bit of water on clothes.

Steam Iron.

Steam irons create a smoother press on clothes and help remove the things on cotton and linen fabrics. Steam irons have a small water container with tub inside which provide steam to clothes while pressing. That type of iron is expensive but well established. There are many functions, such as auto-power off, self-clean mechanism and overheat safety protection so that makes it much more expensive than dry iron. These features could change due to models and brands.

Potable Iron

This type of iron is for constant travelers who want their clothes wrinkle-free and always presentable. Comparing with standard irons, they are smaller, lighter, and easier for carrying in a bag or suitcase.


Identify problem.

The first step you should follow is to identify what the iron’s real problem is. You must check that you have done all the settings properly or not. Make sure you go check the thermostat, electric cord and finally if the steam is coming out properly not. The other thing, check the sole plate present at the bottom of the iron.

Look at thermostat and the power cord.

Did you check the thermostat and the power card for that is working or not? By a chance, The main condition that blocks your iron get work is the thermostat and the power card, or just one. you will first need to purchase one suitable for the iron. Following that, using screwdriver to remove the cover panel and remove the cord in it is needed. Fasten the new part, the old one was connected in there then replace the thermostat if you cannot handle with that. Get the panel back and see if the iron is working properly or iron.

The sole plate needs cleaning and remove marks to fix your iron.

The sole plate needs cleaning if something (particles, dust, cotton,) is stuck to the iron. It is possible that would not allow to be ironing your clothes duly.

Use a dampen cloth touched with a bit of salt to rub the plate.  Making soapy water and then cleaning the sole plate by using a nylon cloth could be the right solution. Check that something is stuck on the plate or not if it is, remove it immediately.

To remove burn marks, you can make use of oven cleaner and leave it on the sole plate for just a few minutes before washing with cold water.

Use a little bit of white vinegar and clean the water container.

The next step you need to do to get your iron back to top form is to clean the steam holes and the water container. Fill the steam hole with vinegar (white one) to quarter value and after that steam your iron to get it outside.

To clean the water container, you can wash it properly.

Now you know how to repair your iron by yourself and you don’t need give a call service, you will save your money for yourself.

As you see, to do it by yourself you might need a new spare part.  Sparepartsmarkt is here to supply all of these for you. You will probably find the part you are looking for on the website, if not please feel free to ask us. Our team are on hand to assist you.

Do not buy a new one, fix it by a spare one.