Spareparts Markt

How to Find My Model Number


Behind the main oven door
In the frame behind the cover
On the part of the cover close to the hinges
Behind any other cover
Behind the lid on the oven floor
On the side and back panels


Behind the cover
On the floor of the dishwasher
When the cover is completely lowered, it is not visible due to the cover.
On the side panels


Under January.
Over the fireside


Microwave oven
On the inside of the cover
Under the cover on the main unit
Back of the microwave oven


On interior walls
On the left side of the salad bowl, visible when the plastic drawer is removed.
On the sides or back of the machine
Freezers - At the bottom of the interior


Vacuum cleaner
On the back of the main unit
On the front of the dust bin or main unit
On the base of the main unit
On the front or near the filter protector


Washing Machine & Dryer
Behind the bottom cover on the front of the device
Behind the cover, near the hinge or on the frame
On the pump cover
On the sides or behind the washing machine


Cooker Hood
At the top of the hood
At the bottom edge of the hood
At the back of the hood pipe


On the back of the laptop
On the keyboard, visible when the laptop is turned on


Mobile phone
In the phone menu (you should read the user manual and check in which section it is listed.)
Inside the cell phone, behind the battery


Behind the camera
On the camera


Television & Monitor
On a sticker in the middle of the back of the TV


On the front of the radio usually in the upper right corner
On the back of the radio


Mp3 player
Usually on the back of the device


DVD & Video & Home Theater System
In the corner on the front of the player
Between the connection inputs / outputs on the back of the player


Anywhere on the front of the main unit
At the back


Game console
On the front of the game console
On the back and bottom of the game console


Video camera
On the side of the camcorder
On the bottom of the camcorder