Spareparts Markt

About Us was founded as a global website of, to reach people who are living abroad in all around. Our company is the best supplier of the spare parts, based in Turkey.  Nowadays we reach out to millions of people through the country. But what we want to do now is to deliver our products to all over the world.
Sparemarket has been taken places in Amazon and Aliexpress for a long time, is getting good feedbacks. The priority of our company is to package in a safe way and deliver it as fast as it could be. We do not sell something to the customers and run away that later. To feedback from the buyer is very important to us to see our mistakes and learn lessons from them.
Our motto is “do not buy a new one, fix it by a spare one.”
We encourage you in this way and believe that you will not spend your money to replace these tools or have them repaired in service.
There are loads of spare parts for vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, ovens, air conditioners, heatings, cooker hoods, microwaves and home appliances and other equipments, in
Our experts will always be ready to answer your questions. What is more is we are on instagram, find us by searching find_spare_parts.
“Do not buy a new one, fix it by a spare one.”