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A vacuum cleaner endures a lot through the years. Not surprisingly that appliance is an essential for any household and if any spare part of it is damaged or broken, it can be very annoying. Many solutions are wrong, such as calling service and getting your hands on a new machine.

Many problems in your vacuums can solve by changing damaged spare part. Dust bag, filter and hose are the main ones should be changed regularly. You can do it by yourself.

Replacing broken one is a lot simpler than you would think and could save you spending lots on a new model of repair. We stock a range of brands with favorites like, Miele, Philips, Nilfisk, Rowenta, Electrolux and among plenty of others.

If you are experiencing any issues, check out our “Vacuums & Floorcare” category to see if the parts you need are available on our website or not. If you cannot find, please do not hesitate to ask us.


The most common problem: Why is my vacuum cleaner has got a burning smell?

First things first – Immediately turn off the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner do not operate at high temperatures, so if you smell burning it could be very dangerous. Make sure you turn off the appliance.

  1. Check out wall socket, cable, and plug: If you see any smoke, take the vacuum outside as a precaution.
  2. Filled Bag and Blocked Filter: If your device is in that condition, it can damage the engine and causes overheat. The only way to fix the problem, get a new bag or filter replacement for your vacuum cleaner model.
  3.  Overheat Cable or Plug: A hot cable or plug can cause on that the motor gets to work too hard. Replace them and the problem will go away.