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Flow Switch

Once a boiler flow switch first detects a problem with gas flow,  Many of actions are there that need to take place to make the boiler turn off.

When your boiler detects a problem, it will alert another device that is usually transducer. The detects are too much or too little flow depending on the type of switch you have. It could rotate because of the gas flowing through the pipe. This movement sends a signal to the transducer after that you will hear a sound of an alarm or turning on a pump. Also the boiler would face on shutting the system off.

When to change a flow switch on a boiler?

You can have a faulty flow switch that’s causing the problem. You should get a suitably qualified engineer to take a look at your system to determine if there are any major reasons why your boiler isn’t turning on. We attached some common reasons why your boiler may not be starting up:

  1. A faulty fan
  2. A broken printed circuit board (PCB)
  3. A blocked flue

If you are having this kind of troubles on your boiler, Sparepartsmarkt is the right place that you will find the suitable flow switch to get your boiler back. If not please, feel free to ask us. We are hand on asist you.