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The first dishwasher was invented by Joel Houghton in 1850. The device was made of wood and was rotating by hand while water sprayed onto the dishes.  After that incredible finding, the dishwasher has become parts of our houses rapidly.  There were loads of various of that machine was produced by many brands in many models since that time up to this day.

We should not forget the dishwashers go broken or tired after to use it for a long time. Everybody accepts that it can be very annoying if your lovely dishwasher suddenly stops working after a big family meal, isn’t it? Going back to hand washing would come expensive electrician bills to your address and means lots of hassle. Many people reckon that buying a new one is better idea in this case but big no. The only thing you need is absolutely to buy a new spare part for changing it with broken part. Replacing broken spray arm of your dishwasher make your dishwasher new again like it used to work, what is more is that get you happy because you did not have to try to buy a very expensive dishwasher because the problem is solved already.

We have a very large selection of dishwasher spare parts from door locks to basket wheels suitable for your model, to get your dishwasher back to life. is the right and safe website for the components you have been looking for.

To find the parts, you need for your dishwasher it is important you go for the type or model number of your machine in to search box, do not worry you will easily find it but just make sure what makes is your dishwasher.

The most important question is how to find the model of your dishwasher?

The model number might be located back or side of the machine’s door that is sometimes separated by a hyphen (-) or a slash (/). After you find this number, enter it up to the search box on this website to reach parts suitable with your machine then you have got it!

The model you ordered will fastly get to your address in safe. Finally, please relax and feel free to keep a touch with us with any questions.